Call for submissions - Radåm No. 3 ~ Fall / Winter 2022

Theme: Confidence

Please take a look at our mood board here.

We wish to present designs that follow fashion trends and are suitable for wearing in the fall/winter seasons. 

We're looking to include knitting patterns for the following types of knitwear for adults: pullovers, cardigans, vests and seasonal accessories.

Please note that we will not include patterns for toys, children's garments, blankets or home deco, nor patterns of other crafts than knitting. 

Important dates

  • Design submission deadline - 26th of November 2021;
  • Design selection by 13th of December 2021;
  • Patterns and Samples must be received by 14th of March, 2022; 
  • Issue released in October 2022.

Submission requirements

Designs will be selected for publication based on how well they fit within the theme of this collection.

Please send your submissions via the form below and attach a PDF file that includes at least:

  • A sketch (ideally on body),
  • Photo of a swatch of all stitch patterns,
  • A short paragraph about your inspiration and how it connects to the theme
  • Specifics about construction details
  • Recommended gauge and yarn requirements
  • A short bio.

Compensation and rights

We will take care of yarn support, technical editing, translation, testing, photography, graphic design, promotion, pattern support for customers, and any errata updates for the selected designs. Each contributing designer will receive a copy of the issue. 

We will determine the compensation based on pattern complexity ranging from 50 to 200 EUR.

The designer retains all rights to their work. We hold the rights to publish and distribute the pattern. The designer agrees to not offer the pattern for sale on their own website or elsewhere for six months from the issue's publication date. The format provided by Radåm may not be used or duplicated. Designers may use the photography with references to the magazine and photographer. 

The designer is responsible for:

  • Providing the pattern in English or Latvian using Radåm style sheet, including schematic(s) and/or chart(s). The pattern must be graded to fit:
    • chest circumferences 80cm-150cm
    • foot circumferences 17.5-25cm
    • head circumferences 52-60cm
    • hand circumferences 18-24cm
  • Sample knitting in size chosen by Radåm;
  • Submitting the sample to Radåm to assist with tech editing and photography.

For any questions, please reach out to us at

Submission form


About us

Radåm is a magazine for knitters in English and Latvian, published twice a year. Our aim is to refresh the craft of knitting, inspire new knitters and offer fashionable and wearable knitting patterns. Each issue contains 6-10 patterns in various levels of difficulty and interviews and how-to articles. The magazine is available in print and digital formats.